ARTIST PROFILE: Thimble Thistle

I always love finding something truly unique and beautiful, I was delighted to come across Jessica of Thimble Thistle and her embroidered art pendants. Jessica has turned embroidery into a fine art, making teeny tiny reinterpretations of well known art pieces and custom creations.

Jessica goes to painstaking efforts to match each brushstroke with the needle and thread.  Using her background as a painter she has expertly captured the spirit of each work in a very tiny format. Her work is all the more remarkable for the incredible amount of detail visible in each and every piece. Her recreations of the emotive brushstrokes of Van Gogh are particularly stunning!

Where can I find out more?

Visit the website here or check out Thimble Thistle’s instagram.


The Wave,  Thimble Thistle
Van Gogh Starry Night, Thimble Thistle
Water Lily Pendant Monet, Thimble Thistle
Sunflowers,  Thimble Thistle
The Scream, Thimble Thistle

Thank you Thimble Thistle for letting me share your beautiful work.

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